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Saturday, 02 December 2023, 1:43 PM
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GTA MM Old Release Notes

V3 BETA Uploaded
I have just uploaded the V3 BETA it has been double compressed (7Z Self Extracting in RAR File) it might take a bit to come online as i uploaded pixs last week and they still have not been approved so who knows how long with this.
VC CLEO Speedo & Fuel
The VC CLEO Speedo & Fuel is currently just for plain VC and in the next release of GTA MM it will have been matched for the MM Map BUGS: The only bug that i know of is that when you start a new game on a plain version of Vice City, When Rosenburg go's to drop you off at his office the car stalls and then your stuck there so i would use this on savegames.
GTA Most Modded
You will need to get a hacked EXE to run this game which can not be hosted on GTAG due to there legal reasons so you can get an EXE like the one from GTA SOL or there is one available from the There is now a Topic for this mod on GTA Forums to discuss anything about this mod there is a link at the bottom of the page that should say Discuss this mod at GTAForums that located at the bottom of the Comments Box.
GTA MM 2.0B Released
Version 3 Beta, Coming Soon!
I am just packaging the V3 BETA now so it should be online soon! Also a few more things i have added the other petrol stations to the CLEO script so you can now fill up at some other various locations around vice, i am working on making HQ road models with improved textures, there are now SCM
changes to allow some other changes happening eg, car spawns, there will be two new vehicles the romero ute as pictures below and another car that will be currently know as "thunder" because after you see lighting then there's
thunder, "GTA VC Radio Commercial", i would like to add a third taxi but i am not sure about what model or vehicle i should use for it, i am also replacing some of the older areas that have been there since the first release and slightly
updated throughout time, in which terms will replace about 7 objects for 1 new objects some the performance in those areas have improved especially at sunshine autos where about mabye 1000 object have been replace with about
10, sunshine autos will also be reverted to its older look by removing the Chevrolet Autos Textures, ill have more updates as progress goes on. When i feel i have gotten to a certain point of progress i will release the BETA 3 before working on full V3 release.
  • Big Map Changes in South Downtown (Not 100% complete on release)
  • Romero Ute (Possible Roadhog Replacement)
  • Sunshine Autos Modeled (Not 100% complete on release)
  • Cullzones Fixed (To not rain in tunnel)
  • SOME road pieces have round corners
  • Radar updated for map (Not all of it)
  • New Font (Replace 2.0B one that didn't fit well)
  • Game issues revised
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GTA MM 3.0B Information
  • Sunshine Autos Remodeled \\WIP//
  • More Hidden Blueprints
  • Map Changes
  • Roadhog replaced by Romero Ute
  • More Still to Come!
3.0B Modding Team
  • ALMOST610 - Leader (All Round Modder)
  • jtr007 - Modeler
3.0B Credits yojo2 - New Radar spaceeinstein - Stripped Script Delphi - Dev Console cpmusick - GTA Mod Installer jtr007 - Modeling
Previous Releases Development Information (Not Relevant to current version or development)
Previous Releases Quick Information 1.0A & 1.1A The A Series was the first released development of this mod so it is of a poorer quality compared to the current version in the A series i was seeing how much of the city i could mod with out using custom objects as i didnt have the skills to model anything and there was no one interested at the time, work on 1.2A was to be the first of my releases with custom objects added as i had been improving my skills but due to the failure of my hard drive that had all the 1.2A development i lost all my progress on that mod and not so long after the staff at GTA Garage removed it from there site as they just noticed that it had a Vice City EXE which they do not want to host on there site for reasons which i wont go into so then i had finished up with the A Series and started on the B series and later re-uploaded the 1.1A with the EXE available from the GTA MM site. 1.0B & 2.0B The B series was started after I had lost all my work on 1.2A so i decided to go and have a fresh start with a new Series and with the new series i decided to start with a new base for the mod by custom building all the roads and land that I was going to use and with that, the mod itself had a major improvement and the quality of it was better than in the A Series by a huge amount and then next version of the B series were to follow by getting better and better and having more and more of the map modified and some of the original game pieces updated and modified with things like new islands and land with a tunnel and huge changes to the airport and the stadium with lots of work to still be done with all the new land empty and with no buildings so that is the next step and now with jtr007 to help model new buildings with interiors i just see more and more improvements for the following version.
GTA MM B Series
B Series Plans
  • New Road Textures (Completed)
  • New Road Models (Completed)
  • Road Fixes (Completed)
  • Fixes Paths (Completed)
  • Tunnel Widening (Completed)
  • 1.1A Map Rebuilding (WIP)
  • New Script (WIP)
  • New Island (WIP)
  • Better Game Performance
  • Other New Textures
2.0B & 3.0B Plans
  • More Road Models (WIP)
  • Road Fixes (WIP)
  • More Paths (WIP)
  • 1.1A Map Rebuilding (WIP) (Most Likely Finished 3.0B)
  • Updated Script (WIP) (Just a few hidden blueprints currently)
  • More New Island Buildings (WIP) (Most Likely 3.0B)
  • Sunshine Autos Modeling(WIP) (On Hold)
  • Sunshine Autos Removing Current New Look (On Hold)
  • Other New Textures 2.0B Recent Additions
  • New Land Next to Stadium *Completed* (No Buildings Yet)
  • Opening Video *Completed*
  • Loading Screen *Completed*
  • Updated Radar *WIP* (Not The Whole Map)
  • Hidden Blueprints *Completed* (10 Place Around new parts of the city)
  • Avery Carrington Player Model *Completed*
  • Cross Town Tunnel *Completed*
  • New Land North of Mall *WIP* (Almost Completed) (No Buildings Yet)
  • Bridge Linking Land North of mall and New land next to stadium *Complete*
  • Removed Destroyed Construction Site*Complete* (Now Part of the Tunnel)
  • Other Small Map Changes *Completed* (Some are minor and cannot be noticed)
2.0B Development Screens GTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not Found GTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not Found
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2.0B Work In Progress1.0B Complete1.1A Complete1.0A Complete1.0B Updates I have just finished work on creating some new paths to go on the roads at the airport and little havana but not on the long straight road i am also reworking the stadium paths so i will upload this small update soon so just wait a little bit longer.Crash & Paths fix just uploaded.2.0B The latest thing i am working on is sunshine autos i am modeling the new exterior and parts of my new interior as in the current release you can see that it is made of an estimated amount of hundreds of one object which ruins the games performance when near there so this will make it look better and the engine perform better as i will remove the old objects that it is made out of. As you would have noticed that at the intersections, crossroads and T junctions I designed that at the corner the footpath either faces one direction or another so in this version i will be rebuilding some of the road pieces with a few extra textures added to each model and they will be of a higher quality as I have seen on the already completed pieces. I am also going to finish of the new Haiti area of building which is currently just vacant land with walls which will also be replaced with better ones as they caused the game to crash. The new island that i had started will be a bit more completed in this version as i will be able to focus more on it with a base now started for the B series of this mod some of the main parts are completed which will make for easier development in the future.1.0B In Version 1.0B it will be a basic script missing some of the new things but they will be in the next update as i just wanted to get this released so there are the fixed roads and paths the new script is running the new island is started the new road textures and tunnel are done and i have started the 1.1A Remapping as you will be able to see in the screen shots you may have also noticed that there are pictures of cars with the voodoo and idaho i cut the roof off and added it as an extra so some cars spawn with one and others dont there are the three classic addins the roadhog premier and grand hermes and there are the two new ones the belmont and pasito which are still open for name changes in the future hope you enjoy and i look forward to your feed back.BUGS so far i am aware of three small bugs that are easily fixed which are the two floating windows near sunshine autos and some of the roads are still the A series style. the third is not really a bug its just that the opening video and mabye some text files are outdated for the credits and version.Please report any more that you find. So far I am upgrading the map and redoing the entire roads that I placed with some newly modeled ones that I have just made including Crossroads and T Intersections, The two dodgy bridges that were in the A series have been removed and replaced temporarily with new models until I design something fancy and I have been readjusting the current paths to suite the new roads so vehicles are not driving though buildings and stuff like that and they occupy both lanes on the road. In this version I will be fixing and or rebuilding map areas that were in 1.1A and the tunnel at the airport has been made into two lanes and most of the stadium area has been deleted and rebuilt using my new parts and I have been going throughout the map deleting the objects 911 (the cement block) as most of the mods ground is made of this object and i have made new objects that are bigger and better that reduce the amount that needs to be loaded thus improving the Performance. For the first release of the B Series I will have used a brand new script based on spaceeinstein's Vice City Stripped Complete SCM which will as the name says be complete from the start but I have plans to add some of the old features back like the car list at sunshine autos only with more lists hopefully. At my current stage I am Coding new vehicle, Weapon, Object, Etc Spawns and just getting some vehicle models finished and fixed for the release which will be soon but wont have the whole script as i wish to have it.Pics
GTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not Found GTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not Found GTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not FoundGTAG Image Not Found Delphi - VC Dev Console
A Series / Before HDD Failure
This is all the items for the A series of this mod and due to a Hard Drive failure I lost the work on 1.2A so i have decided to move straight onto the B series. Check out the GTA MM site for files and news as certain things are not allowed to be hosted here due to EUL The GTA MM Forums Awaiting Approval is an small updated version "GTA MM 1.1a" that is an all in one fixed version. This is what's with Version 1.2A So Far - The New Island is under construction - The New Building's are in the Work's - I have built a rail line but no train's run on it - I still have to update the radar to suit the game (Original by yojo2) - Sunshine Autos is now Chevrolet Autos - New Car yard is Under Construction - Some Intersection's are fixed - New Hospital and Police Station not Placed Yet - Three New cars from last version still included This is a map and script mod for vice city transforming it into a whole new look with several features or special things being added with every version. if anyone gets 100% complete save game please send it to and i will upload it here with credit to you for completing Whats in Version 1.2 a - New island - New Buildings - Fixed intersections - Rail line (to be confirmed) (mabye not working trains) - New Radar (By yojo2) (modded for map by ALMOST610) - Xbox Quality Cars (By yojo2) - Will be called Xbox Cars Download or - New Cars (By Pumbars & JVT) - Will be called New Cars Download - Another Hospital - Another Police Station - 3 New Cars Added - New Sunshine Autos - New Car yard + More yes permission has been granted but i might ask JVT again as i asked a few months ago now and its better to be safe than sorry! In 1.0 a New police station Hospital Car spawns map Sunshine autos 3 cars have been added not replaced Grand Hermes - Premier - Roadhog {made by me} original missions are still included also credit to Tommy Vercetti for a 100% save

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