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Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 3:57 AM
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As some will notice some changes have been done to the site, Firstly the Downloads area has been renamed 'Download Zone' and has gotten a unique styling of its own to differentiate it from other areas on the site, seeing as files from 'MVL Resources', 'GTA Most Modded', 'ALMOST610 Design' and other areas all use the same Download Area on the site it made sense to style it apart from everything else.

Some other Minor things that have happened are that the Comments Box for users that are not Signed into the site have been updated and it also allows the use of BBCode, Smilies, Linking and Lots more, but again, If you are not signed in (With a uNet/uID Account) your comments will have to await moderation and be approved by me.
Remember that a uNet/uID Account can be used to sign into any site that supports uNet/uID without the need for Registering again.

I still have a few more things that are being worked on but they aren't big enough that you will notice them, Still it is good to have the access back to my site after having trouble with my ISP Blocking Ucoz Servers earlier this year.
Almost all the Content from the old DMON Servered sites has been transferred to our new Ucoz Home, even after being here for 178 Days, there still is some things left on the old address.

Also Please do complete the Little Poll's you see on the left side of the pages, I know that some things like your Browser, OS and What Addons You have may seem like strange questions but if I know what the sites Visitors have it means I can improve site components based on what they can support or better support what they have or don't have.
Views: 935 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 12 June 2013 | Comments (0)

Welcome to the new website for ALMOST610, MVL Resources, GTA Most Modded and several other things that I was running over on the old DMON server, there might not be much content yet as I am still transferring over from the old site to here but it is on its way, you might also notice that the style is the same, well that is until I get everything set up here then I plan to try and restyle the site a little, If you had an account over on the old site it is as simple as just logging in with your uNet account (The account you made when registering for any other uNet/uCoz/Dmon/etc. site) and then your account will register activity on this site and all will be back to how it was.
Views: 819 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 18 December 2012 | Comments (0)

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