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Saturday, 25 March 2023, 11:58 PM
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Main » 2013 » July » 26 » GTAForums - Quote De-Imager
10:10 PM
GTAForums - Quote De-Imager

Version 1.0

With High Speed Internet, Larger Download Allowances and 1920px Screens people have started posting Bigger and Bigger Images on the Forums, and one major problem with this is when people "Quote" these images in there posts, not only can it be annoying but it stretches the page out unnecessarily, it become a real pain when there is multiple images being quoted also.

Now that I have created the GTAForums Quote De-Imager it should prevent that on all Browsers that have some form of support for UserScripts, this is only version 1.0 of the script which even though it does not perform exactly how I was originally planning for this to it does get the job done, if you are curios as to what I was actually planning that can be found in the future updates section below.
It should also be noted that any content on the GTANet Media Server that is quoted will be exempted from this script, which is basically the 'Smilies' or any images from GTA Garage Mods.

The Current version only Scales Quoted Images down to a very small size and when they are hovered over they fully return to their original size, obviously when the mouse leaves the image that shrink down again to the smaller size.
I hope everyone finds this useful and can live with it until GTAForums V2 is launched which might hopefully have a similar feature built into it... hopefully arriving sometime in the near or more likely extremely distant future.

You should have no trouble running this in any Browser that has a UserScripts addon, I have placed and linked below the UserScripts Addons for Browsers that I have successfully tested this Script in and will continue to hunt around the internet to find way to get this running on other browsers too. If you know of another way please do let me know of it.

~ Firefox -- Greasemonkey
~ Chrome -- Tampermonkey
~ Safari -- NinjaKit

My original Intentions for this Script was for it to remove the actual images and replace it with a small box saying "User Posted Image" and have two little buttons next to it, one of which will show the image, and when Re-Clicked will hide it again, and the other will open the actual image in a new Tab/Window, I am not yet sure if this is possible using only Javascript (Which UserScripts are based On) unless I get some J-Query running in the script also which would make things a bit easier, but this basic script get the Job done for now.

One thing that would be nice is to have some settings for the users to edit, for example if they want the script to run how it currently does or in my future planned way, and if they select the current way, it should be up to them as to how small the images are scaled down to, but again I have to see if this is possible.

I also have to change a few small settings so GTANet Media Server files from GTA Garage will also shrink down, or just be more specific in how I define the Smilies location so it only does not affect them.

Also check out my Other Script -- GTAForums Image Widthener

I am not sure if this was posted in the correct place, but it will get more notice here than other places on the forum, plus it is technically a mod but for the Forum and not a game.
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