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Main » 2014 » June » 5 » GTA Forums Profile News - June 5, 2014
12:00 PM
GTA Forums Profile News - June 5, 2014

The Mods That Never Were..... Atleast For Now!!

After a few people asking about what mods I am working on or other projects that have not been released I thought I would take a look back and show show vehicles I made or were working on that have never been released or completed, atleast for now.

First up is a Van based on the Vice City Ambulance, nothing special really but was started to try and make a more wider variety of vehicles.

Following the same as above this is a Van based on the Mule from San Andreas

Something that was going to be a little different was this Vice City model of the Washington being converted into a Wagon.

This is something that was being made for GTA SOL (State of Liberty) it was to be a Hybrid Police car combing the VC, SA and III vehicles into one, it progressed as far as me putting the VC Front end onto the body of the SA Cop Car.

Here was another messing around project similar to the Washington Wagon, it was going to be an older version of the Buffalo destined for Vice City.

Here is another that might still get completed some day, it was a Deluxo Time machine, It was to be hid in the movie studio in Vice City for GTA SOL and some mods of mine but was getting a little out of control on the time it was taking up so I abandoned it in favor of working on other projects.

And this final one for Today progressed as far as actually being in game, but has never been released, It was a fun messing around project to create a Classic two door vehicle and like most of the vehicles I created it did have plans for being included in GTA SOL to give as many car choices as possible for the huge map.

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