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Saturday, 20 July 2024, 11:04 PM
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Welcome to ALMOST610 Design!

Its been a while since my last update, I got a bit slack on keeping these up but here I go with another one....
More recently I have been working on a few car models, the latest is this one which is an early 70's design of a large sedan, I plan on making a standard base model and a GT Performance version, this screen was taken today so it is my latest work.
I've also made this new small sedan, the Vapid Asteroid. More information on this model can be found here.
There is also a little mapping project that is kinda a revised version of GTA Most Modded, I'm not sure of the final version but I have been basing it off of this map I found on the Forum and have been revising it slightly as I work over the areas mapping them, I am currently working on the West Downtown, you can see the map is slightly nicer drawn in that area.
Well that's just a small update with some more of my most recent projects, all my previous update posts can now be found over on my website.
Category: GTA Forums Profile Updates | Views: 5984 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 14 September 2014 | Comments (0)

I've got a few more Beta Cars made up, and am working on the Oceanic, check out the topic.
Category: GTA Forums Profile Updates | Views: 2071 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 14 June 2014

Since my last update I have finished the Rebuilt III HQ Wheels which can now be downloaded on GTA Garage and I have gone back to working on the Vice Beta Collection, in particular I have been recently focused on improving the Beta Cars that TrippleAs gave us to use in the mod, and also been making some of the ones that he never did, there is a long way to come, and also a lot of work left to do in others areas of the Vice Beta Collection but I'll manage given enough time, and also if I try and focus on this one mod and not jump to one of the dozen other mods I have on the go.
Category: GTA Forums Profile Updates | Views: 2377 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 11 June 2014

As some people might have noticed an old mod of mine has been bumped, Rebuilt III HQ Wheels was updated yesterday showing some new progress from me at having a new attempt at the mod again from scratch building the models better than before and more efficiently using the Polys for detail rather than evil :devil:
After I redo the III Wheels I'll have to move on and redo the Vice ones too so check out the topic and leave a comment.
Category: GTA Forums Profile Updates | Views: 1902 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 06 June 2014

The Mods That Never Were..... Atleast For Now!!

After a few people asking about what mods I am working on or other projects that have not been released I thought I would take a look back and show show vehicles I made or were working on that have never been released or completed, atleast for now.

First up is a Van based on the Vice City Ambulance, nothing special really but was started to try and make a more wider variety of vehicles.

Following the same as above this is a Van based on the Mule from San Andreas

Something that was going to be a little different was this Vice City model of the Washington being converted into a Wagon.

This is something that was being made for GTA SOL (State of Liberty) it was to be a Hybrid Police car combing the VC, SA and III vehicles into one, it progressed as far as me putting the VC Front end onto the body of the SA Cop Car.

Here was another messing around project similar to the Washington Wagon, it was going to be an older version of the Buffalo destined for Vice City.

Here is another that might still get completed some day, it was a Deluxo Time machine, It was to be hid in the movie studio in Vice City for GTA SOL and some mods of mine but was getting a little out of control on the time it was taking up so I abandoned it in favor of working on other projects.

And this final one for Today progressed as far as actually being in game, but has never been released, It was a fun messing around project to create a Classic two door vehicle and like most of the vehicles I created it did have plans for being included in GTA SOL to give as many car choices as possible for the huge map.

Category: GTA Forums Profile Updates | Views: 3716 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 05 June 2014 | Comments (1)

I'm still working more on the Falcon model getting more and more of the bodyshell complete and at the same time finding more references than I could have hoped for, I am now nearing the stage when I will have a complete wrap around shell (After the back end is made up) which should then make it easier to work upwards towards the roof at which point the easy part of this project will be complete, even though it has felt like the hard part I know the difficulty will be getting the details that are not standing out easily or can be found with a quick google search, like the panels in the engine bay or door jams, I do have a couple pics for refs of each but more shots from different angles would be nice, Im looking forward to the interior though as I previously made a correct dash and centre console for the old San Andreas version of this mod which although looked very good I feel that some of the details were not as good as they could have been but for this one I am going all out on the details, which has me a little scared when thinking of the engine bay, as again, I made up an engine and such for the SA model which was quite basic, but I would like to go all out on this one and get a nicely detailed 4.1 i6 bay modeled up, with a V8 being put aside for if I make a Fairmont Ghia and when I make the LWB model either a Fairlane or LTD, perhaps both. (The FC LTD had its taillights tinted a really dark brown almost black from the Factory, Ford really did some bold things back in the day with these cars)
Category: GTA Forums Profile Updates | Views: 1866 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 20 May 2014

Since I first started modding I have made many attempts to build this vehicle for the first couple years I attempted to build it from scratch, none of which progressed very far at all, last year I successfully converted the San Andreas Admiral model into a look alike of the car which although I put alot of work into making the exterior look kinda similar and also making a proper interior it just never satisfied my desire to get a proper looking real thing done but just seeing my progress over the last few days reach the point it has makes me so proud that I have stuck with it this time and hope to give this car tribute it deserves, being a local car that also has lots of followers who love it I found a bucket load of reference pictures from peoples restoration projects so I hope to get as many details correct as possible this time around.
Category: GTA Forums Profile Updates | Views: 2094 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 14 May 2014

Well, I have updated my profile page as you might be noticing as it now has this little bit of text on it that you are reading, I have cleaned up pretty much every part of it, changes include, adding this little "My Updates" section, moving my GTA Garage modding stats section from the Interests Box to this one and also organizing it in a nice table along with the Avatar history so now they dont stretch the pages out with the new neat table deign, the respect list also got a clean up, 'Respect' and 'High Respect' got combined (I apologize to those that I removed as I cant remember you or why you were on my list) the Disrespect section got removed as all the people on it were either Banned or seem to have not been on this site for quite a long time, things here seem a lot more streamlined and clean now, so below is the rest of my May 13 Profile Update and when I feel like it and have something new to share I will post the next profile update. Thanks for reading and I'll check you out when I see your little icon on the right side of this page, Cheers. :D


My latest project in the works.... Yes, I have been starting alot of projects lately....
Yep, another Falcon model.... this time from scratch though, my previous build of this car was a reskin of the Admiral model from San Andreas.
Category: GTA Forums Profile Updates | Views: 1727 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 13 May 2014

Version 1.0

With High Speed Internet, Larger Download Allowances and 1920px Screens people have started posting Bigger and Bigger Images on the Forums, and one major problem with this is when people "Quote" these images in there posts, not only can it be annoying but it stretches the page out unnecessarily, it become a real pain when there is multiple images being quoted also.

Now that I have created the GTAForums Quote De-Imager it should prevent that on all Browsers that have some form of support for UserScripts, this is only version 1.0 of the script which even though it does not perform exactly how I was originally planning for this to it does get the job done, if you are curios as to what I was actually planning that can be found in the future updates section below.
It should also be noted that any content on the GTANet Media Server that is quoted will be exempted from this script, which is basically the 'Smilies' or any images from GTA Garage Mods.

The Current version only Scales Quoted Images down to a very small size and when they are hovered over they fully return to their original size, obviously when the mouse leaves the image that shrink down again to the smaller size.
I hope everyone finds this useful and can live with it until GTAForums V2 is launched which might hopefully have a similar feature built into it... hopefully arriving sometime in the near or more likely extremely distant future.

You should have no trouble running this in any Browser that has a UserScripts addon, I have placed and linked below the UserScripts Addons for Browsers that I have successfully tested this Script in and will continue to hunt around the internet to find way to get this running on other browsers too. If you know of another way please do let me know of it.

~ Firefox -- Greasemonkey
~ Chrome -- Tampermonkey
~ Safari -- NinjaKit

My original Intentions for this Script was for it to remove the actual images and replace it with a small box saying "User Posted Image" and have two little buttons next to it, one of which will show the image, and when Re-Clicked will hide it again, and the other will open the actual image in a new Tab/Window, I am not yet sure if this is possible using only Javascript (Which UserScripts are based On) unless I get some J-Query running in the script also which would make things a bit easier, but this basic script get the Job done for now.

One thing that would be nice is to have some settings for the users to edit, for example if they want the script to run how it currently does or in my future planned way, and if they select the current way, it should be up to them as to how small the images are scaled down to, but again I have to see if this is possible.

I also have to change a few small settings so GTANet Media Server files from GTA Garage will also shrink down, or just be more specific in how I define the Smilies location so it only does not affect them.

Also check out my Other Script -- GTAForums Image Widthener

I am not sure if this was posted in the correct place, but it will get more notice here than other places on the forum, plus it is technically a mod but for the Forum and not a game.
Views: 2301 | Added by: ALMOST610 | Date: 26 July 2013 | Comments (0)

Here is my latest Project I have been working on, it is a 1979 XD Ford Falcon.
Below is the Vehicle in one of the Final Build stages.

The GTA Forums topic regarding the development and further information on this project can be found Here!
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Here is a Flash Preview of my latest Vehicle
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