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Saturday, 25 March 2023, 10:59 PM
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Jan 2, 2013

Pike by Frank.S

The Pike was actually the first weapon created for MVL, while the weapon part of MVL was in its testing stages Maxorator asked for someone to make a weapon with some custom animations for testing purposes, Frank.s answered that with this... the Pike, what actually looks like a deadly weapon actually acts more like a bat than a knife, and since it was the first weapon for MVL I thought it would be a great choice for the first featured MVL mod, and because there is no download around for this Frank.s has given me permission to host his weapon here, sadly at the time I did not think to ask for an interview about the mod, but I have done so now and if I get a response soon I will post it here.

Q1 - What made you choose the Pike as a the weapon to make?

I wanted a unique weapon that would use a new attack animation. Nothing too complex. I originally planned a bow and arrow but i didn't want to put Maxo under any pressure to make the new mechanics for firing it. A big thanks goes to him for making this all possible.

Q2 - Roughly how long did it take to model/texture/etc.?

About 30 mins in total, i google searched a picture of a pike and cropped it into a texture then started modeling the pike from the cylinder pole and then the blade by duplicating verts and connecting them up with faces. A slow method if you're gonna make something big, but because the pike isn't high poly that makes the method efficient. Also the symmetry modifier came in handy, i only needed to model a quarter of it to finish 'cos of that.

Q3 - How pleased were you with the outcome?

Quite, call it a 3/5. I would've liked the animation to have more fluidity, the attack looks a little weird because i've never animated anything before. tounge.gif

Q4 - Any further comments or think you would like me to share or include with the write up?

Nope, other than; keep up your great work on your mods and site activity. smile.gif
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