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Saturday, 25 March 2023, 10:50 PM
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MVL Weapons Archive!

This will be just like the Vehicles Archive Download Page but it will feature all the weapons that have been made for MVL.

MVL Now Support Adding New Extra Weapons to Vice City.


AN = Author Assigned Weapon Number ["Auto" means the weapon was not assigned a number so MVL gives it the first available ID]

SP = In Game Spawn Locations

NM = Custom Weapon Anims

Type = The Weapon Slot that specific weapon is allocated to. 0 = Fists, 1 = Knife,Bats,etc, 2 = Thrown,Grenade, 3 = Handgun, 4 = Shotgun, 5 = SMG, 6 = Machine Guns, 7 = Heavy Weapons, 8 = Snipers, 9 = Camera

Any mods that are in this colour

means they are exclusive downloads to MVL Resources

Name Author Picture Link Type AN SP NM
All IV Weapons theNGclan Screen Link MIX MIX
TBoGT M249 theNGclan Screen Link 7 - M9 Auto
TBoGT FN P90 theNGclan Screen Link 6 - Machine Gun w106
TLaD Sawn Off Shotgun theNGclan Screen Link 4 - Shotgun w106

PM-98 Glauberyt (Scoped, Silenced) Deejay Zbocur Screen Link 5 - SMG w123
Glock 17 Deejay Zbocur Screen Link 3 - Handgun w122
Scissors (Open) Deejay Zbocur Screen Link 1 - Knife w121
Scissors (Closed) Deejay Zbocur Screen Link 1 - Knife w120
Damned Sword Deejay Zbocur Screen Local Download 1 - Knife Auto
Sten Mk.II 1944 Deejay Zbocur Screen Local Download 5 - SMG Auto

Cricket Bat ALMOST610 Screen Link 1 - Bats Auto Yes
Beta Nailgun ALMOST610 Screen Link 5 - SMG Auto Yes

Pike frank.s Screen Local Download 1 - Bat Auto Yes

Spike Strip maxorator No Image Included in MVL
9 - Special w102 Yes

SA Pool Cue ToyGT_one Screen Link 1 - Bat
SA Desert Eagle ToyGT_one Screen Link 3 - Handgun w105

Motorcycle Helmet ken rosenberg1234 Screen Link 0 - Hat Auto
IV AK-47 ken rosenberg1234 Video Link 7 - Assault Rifle Auto
IV Sledge Hammer ken rosenberg1234 Screen Link 1 - Bat Auto
SA Fire UNextinguisher ken rosenberg1234 Video Link 7 - Flamethrower Auto
IV Pick Axe ken rosenberg1234 Screen Link 1 - Bat Auto

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