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Version 0.60b

Change Log

Update - June 25, 2014 - v0.60b

-- Vehicles --
  • Added Selection Boxes for some of the Data Fields to make filling in parts simpler [Ported down from Dev Version 0.61]
  • Update - Apr 6, 2013 - v0.60

    -- General --
  • Changed the Style of the Main templates and Transitions.
  • Restyled all the buttons and surround for the Generator.
  • -- Global M --
  • "Auto Save Load" & "No Load Fade" have been tested and are working now.
  • -- Global V --
  • Added Vehicle ID Start Setting
  • Added Vehicle Spawn Hotkeys Setting
  • Added Tuning Parts Swap Hotkey Setting
  • Added Vehicle Light Boxes Setting
  • Added Flip Vehicle Damage Setting
  • Added XML Dump RGB Colours Setting
  • Added Max Flying Altitude Setting 
  • NVL Vehicle Extras Now WIP
  • Added NVL No Spawn Vehicles Table with Selectors
  • Added Notes Regarding The Settings
  • -- Vehicles --
  • Some Error correction added for the 'Basic' section of the MVL Gen
  • Small Bugs in the Carcol Conversion were Fixed (for some colours instead of a comma it had a full stop)
  • Two engine Sound Samples were in the Wrong order, 1 & 11 have now been switched.
  • Added Door Sound 4 (Bus/Coach Whoosh Sound)
  • Modified Disabled Text Box Style
  • Off selections now have a Disabled Text Box (Max Pass, Wheel Corr, Gang Id)
  • Ambulance Siren now sets correctly, previously would set Police Siren
  • Fixed issues on Firefox when trying to play the audio samples
  • Support for .WAV in the Audio Samples has been dropped due to its inefficiency
  • Audio samples are now in .OGG & .MP3 Format (Both the .MP3 & .OGG files combined are still smaller than the .WAV files)
  • San Andreas Carcols 2 & Carcols 4 data can now be converted into MVL Format (It will convert values into RGB Format)
  • VC Carcols Chart now integrated into main file
  • III & SA Carcols Charts now also included
  • Horn Sound Samples Added
  • Immunity Flags Calculator integrated into main file, and now also updates the Input and can convert your input into the check boxes
  • Added Wheel Scale Calculator, Not to give you the actual value, but to give you a rough idea of how each value looks
  • Integrated Wheel Model ID Chart, You can now select an ID by Clicking on the Images
  • San Andreas data from Handling(CFG) and Vehicles(IDE) can now be converted into MVL XML Format
  • San Andreas, Vice City & III Carcols can now be set on the Vehicles, VIA the new Carcols Charts
  • The Dimensions section (Both in the XML & Entering) is now an optional setting (Only with MVL 0.98c)
  • Redesigned the Generation code for the whole system, and is now only a quarter of the size of previous versions, despite having more functions to do.
  • Numerous other things have been changed but I stopped keeping a log so cant add ones that I have forgot about

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    Credits / Acknowledgements

    - Maxorator [Code for the Immunity, Handing & Extra Flags Calculators][Lending a hand and answering questions I asked Re: MVL]
    - Doug Neiner [Downloadify, It is used to download your XML File] [Downloadify Copyright (c) 2009 Douglas C. Neiner]
    - Terrill Dent [HTML Table Sorter Javascript - http://www.terrill.ca]
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