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Saturday, 25 March 2023, 11:38 PM
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My MVL XML Builder

This is going to be a list of all the MVL Vehicles that can be found around the net, as time progresses I hope people will post vehicles they find in the comments section below so they can be added to this list. I would also like to make things a bit more fancier but lets first build up a database.

AI = Automated Intelligence, as in does the vehicle act as a Police, Taxi, Ambulance, etc.

TU = Tuning Parts, as in has the author made compatible Tuning parts with the release. (Tuning Parts act like in Saints Row, how the parts randomize across the vehicle as it spawns.)

WE = Attached Weapons, Some vehicles have had weapons (eg, Machine Guns) attached to them.

Planned future functions, When you click on 'TU', 'WE', or 'AI' headers it will highlight the mods that have those functions. Popup Pictures so you view them on this page instead of going to the source page. Also it would be good to convert the whole table to Javascript which might make editing easier but it could prevent me from making some of the functionality I would like to have.

Name Author Picture Link AI TU WE
(SA) Sweeper ALMOST610 Screen Link
(SA) Tug ALMOST610 Screen Link
(SA) DFT30 ALMOST610 Screen Link
2002 Greenwood ALMOST610 Screen Link
2002 Picador ALMOST610 Screen Link
Bikle '86 ALMOST610 Screen Link Yes
VC Premier ALMOST610 Screen Link
Regal ALMOST610 Screen Link
Regal Taxi ALMOST610 Screen Link Yes
SA Police Vehicles ALMOST610 Screen Link Yes
Oceanic Police ALMOST610 Screen Link Yes
Stinger (Tuning Parts) ALMOST610 Screen Link Yes
Belmont (Cut Stretch) ALMOST610 Screen Link
Romero Ute ALMOST610 Screen Link
Oceanic Stretch ALMOST610 Screen Link
Impaler ALMOST610 Screen Link

ThunderRodd Krzer Screen Link
Super Comet Krzer No Screen Link
Super PCJ-600 Krzer Screen Link

HPV1000 H3NR1QU3 Screen Link Yes

Mazda MX-5 Suction Testicle Man Screen Link
Nissan S13 Silvia Suction Testicle Man Screen Link
Audi A8 Suction Testicle Man Screen Link
Austin Mini Metro Suction Testicle Man Screen Link
BMW M3 Suction Testicle Man Screen Link
Lamborghini Countach Suction Testicle Man Screen Link
Mercedes Benz S600 Suction Testicle Man Screen Link
Voodoo Police Suction Testicle Man Screen Link Yes

Deathrunner MG3 Screen Link Yes
Taxi Pack MG3 Screen Link Yes
Supercharged Stallion MG3 Screen Link
Blista Compact S MG3 Screen Link
Charger Sabre MG3 Screen Link Yes
Greenwood Custom MG3 Screen Link

Cobra spectralized Screen Link
Cockroach spectralized Screen Link
Luinx spectralized Screen Link
Xegg spectralized Screen Link
Turbocharge spectralized No Screen Link

SA Rustler MW_29 Screen Link Yes
SA Dodo MW_29 Screen Link
SA Shamal MW_29 Screen Link
SA Hydra MW_29 Screen Link Yes

Slamvan Jur1zz Screen Link Yes
Blista Compact GT Jur1zz Screen Link Yes

GTA IV Vehicles ToyGT_one & nabnabnabn Screen Link Yes Yes
SA Turismo (Tuning Parts) ToyGT_one Screen Link Yes
Banshee (Tuning Parts) ToyGT_one Screen Link Yes
Pheonix (Tuning Parts) ToyGT_one Screen Link Yes
Deluxo (Tuning Parts) ToyGT_one Screen Link Yes

Armed Comet kikiboy95 No Screen Link Yes

Kuruma Pack SomeGuy86 Screen Link

Xbox Kuruma theNGclan Screen Link

SA Crop Duster ken rosenberg1234 Screen Link
SA Sports Cars ken rosenberg1234 Screen Link
SA Quad Bike ken rosenberg1234 Video Link
SA Bandito ken rosenberg1234 Screen Link

GTA 3 Blista Helomyname Screen Link
GTA 3 Mr Whoopee Helomyname Screen Link
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12 vishwarajsankpal  
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Also one more thing, I am new to this whole modding thing, I only convert cars for MVL. MY MVL version of the SA elegy is a bit high how do I make it lower? What tools do you use to create your own car models and such? I only use imgtool,sample xml's from mvl and colleditor to get the .col. If you would reply I would greatly appreciate it.


11 vishwarajsankpal  
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I have some converted cars, they are also on gta garage, the GTA SA Elegy for MVL and GTA III Banshee.(There is already a mod for the Banshee but that one doesnt have working door animation or anyhting so I went and converted it from my own copy of GTA III.)

10 kisanbarai  
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I want gta sa mvl

9 harjot  
it is very good but i want to make a plane

8 abdullah  

7 Cris (banned in GTAForums lol)  
Hey I really like this site, awesome job you are dooing!! cheers biggrin

6 ToyGT_one  
I think you need to update this list with new mvl vehicle mods.

3 maurice  
I need help with this. I have installed but when i play the game it is very slow and laggy up until i get into a car then it speeds up. Please, what should i do

4 ALMOST610  
Post in the GTAForums 'Maxo's Vehicle Loader' Topic, I don't make MVL I just maintain this site, you have to contact the actual author of the mod.... Maxorator

2 Borat kazakhstan  
Hey,there are many new mvl vehicle in gtagarage.

Check it and add to your list

1 pradipta the wee man  

add this to your list

5 ALMOST610  
Considering you are a banned member, I won't and there are a few other mods with that vehicle included already.

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